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Emergemy Response Plan

Currently, there are no emergencies in the district.

If your child's school is locked, it is because the school is conducting a "Code Red Lockdown Drill."

The J.O.Combs Unified School District routinely conducts these drills to practice emergency response procedures.

It is only a PRACTICE DRILL.

A drill will last 20 to 45 minutes. If there is a true emergency, we will post updated information about the emergency, including instructions on how you should proceed.

Please read the information below to familiarize yourself with the J.O. Combs Unified School District Emergency Response Plan.

The Goals of the Emergency Response Plan
  • Quickly respond to an unexpected crisis safely and with confidence.
  • Provide a secure environment for students and staff.
  • Protect student and staff from injury and minimize damage to facilities.
  • Return the school to its normal functioning level as soon as possible.

When news breaks of an emergency at school, every parent's first reaction is to rush to the school to pick up his or her child. A large number of parents arriving at school can increase the risk to students. Also, there may be a need for the District to transport your child to an alternate location. Please do not drive to your child's school until you learn it is clear to do so.

Following are some tips for parents if an emergency should occur on or near school grounds:

The Combs District will initiate the Global Connect System. This system will contact each child's parent or guardian by phone to give an update of the situation. It is essential that you provide the school with your most updated contact information so Global Connect can reach you. 

Please do not call the school. When a school is in lockdown, staff and teachers are unable to answer incoming calls. Tune your radio or TV to a local station for the latest information and updates. When we are aware of a station reporting District Emergency information, we will include the TV channel's number or Radio station's call sign at the top of this page.

How can you help?
  • Make sure the school has your current telephone or cell phone number.
  • Do not drive to your child's school. Wait for instructions from the District. We may need to transport children to another location.
  • Emergency vehicles must have the priority and you may impede emergency response personnel.
  • If we have moved your child to another location we will provide you with information concerning where to pick up your child.
Picking up your child
  • Stay by your phone. The Global Connect System will provide dismissal information when appropriate.
  • Please do not drive to the problem area. The police and other agencies are working to keep the students and staff safe. If large numbers of parents and relatives arrive on scene, it will make the task much more difficult. Please wait for instructions directing you to the site where you may pick up your student. We will post information on this site as soon as it is available.
  • Please notify your child's school immediately if your phone number at home or work changes. Make sure the District is able to contact you if needed. In an emergency situation, one of the most important pieces of information schools can have is the most current telephone number for parents. In many scenarios, your child's school may be trying to reach you to advise you of the situation. If they do not have a current home, work, or emergency number they will be unable to contact you.
Cell Phones
  • Stay off your cell phone. Instruct your children not to use their cell phones during an emergency. A large number of calls to 911 systems may crash the system and jam general circuits adding a the sense of panic in the community. In the event of an emergency, District personnel and other officials will communicate information to the media (television, radio) for broadcast. District personnel will also contact parents.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the police, fire department, or school district officials.

Code Red Drill
  • Generally each school will conduct four Code Red Drills per school year. The schedule for the drills varies from school to school. These Code Red Drills are an integral part of the District Emergency Response plan.
  • The drill begins with the principal or a representative announcing over the intercom, "Attention Students and Staff, this is a Code Red. Please go into Lockdown procedure immediately."
    Everyone should then stop what he or she is doing and follow the lockdown procedure.
  • When a Code Red is announced, everyone is locked into the school. This includes volunteers, visitors, and outside vendors.
  • Staff will lock the front door and no one will answer the phones.
Office Staff

Office staff will lock all access doors; put a sign on the front door stating that the school is in lockdown; and if necessary, they will proceed to a predetermined location away from the office. Some of the office staff initiates calls to the Police Department, District Office, Transportation, and related areas. Others will prepare to receive attendance counts and verify that everyone on campus (students, staff, volunteers, and visitors) is accounted for.


Students will stay in their rooms and remain quiet to make the room appear empty. If students are outside when the Code Red is called, they will proceed quickly to the nearest classroom regardless of whether it is their classroom or not.


Teachers will go to their doors; check nearby for students in the immediate area; close and lock their doors and turn down the lights. Teachers will make the room appear as if it is empty by keeping students quiet. Teachers then take attendance and provide the information to the office staff through a predetermined system.

All Other Supervisors

Supervisors will take attendance of all their personnel and vendors in their area.

In Summary

We learn a great deal from every drill. We share information gained from these with the Emergency Response Team at regularly scheduled meetings. We learn what works well and what improvements we can make. This is why the drills are critical to the success and safety of all district students and staff!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's school and ask for the Site Coordinator or Principal.